Located in Carrington,

Cafe inu is known for its Craft coffee, dog friendly atmosphere, wholesome Japanese fast food & stunning corporate catering inspired by Miwa.
Get served quickly or stay a while, the choice is yours.


43 Denison St
Carrington NSW 2294

Business Hours

Mon – Fri
6 am – 2:30 pm

7 am – 2 pm

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(02) 4961 1131



Miso Katsu Sandwich | $16
Chicken panko katsu, cabbage, shallot, house made sweet miso sauce with white sesame on fresh white bread.

Katsu-don | Prawn: $19 |Chicken or Fish: $16
Choice of prawn, chicken or fish panko katsu, free range eggs, onion and cooked in fish broth on bowl of rice. Toped with shallot, chili hair and red ginger.

Keema Curry | $19.5
Premium beef mince, bacon, onion, carrot, garlic, tomato, capsicum, long red chili served on a bed of rice with salad & free range fried egg.

Yuzu Soda | $6.5
Refreshing lemonade soda made fresh with yuzu jam (Japanese lemon), fresh mint & cascade soda.

Honey Toast With Ice-cream| $10
40mm thick soft white bread toast with butter, honey & vanilla ice-cream served with cinnamon on the side.

Summer Smoothie| $8.5
Watermelon, orange, apple juice and mint.


All Day Breakfast

Simple Toast | G | $5.5
Choice of Bills Organic sourdough breads, white bread or gluten free with jam, vegemite, peanut butter, nutella or honey.

Banana Bread | G | $6.5
Thick slice of gluten free banana bread.

Jap Sausage & Egg Roll | $11
Japanese sausage, free range scramble egg
rocket on long brioche roll.

Sumo Burger | G | $13.5
bacon, egg, grilled tomato, hash brown, caramelised onion, cheese. bbq sauce or your choice.

Smashed Avo on Toast | G | $13
Smashed avocado, butter and lemon on the side.

Pancakes | $16
With butter, syrup, ice cream and fresh fruit.
(approx 25 min cooking)

Cinnamon Honey Toast | $6
40mm thick soft white bread toast with butter & honey, Cinnamon comes on the side.

Bacon & Egg Roll | G | $8
Bacon, free range egg, bbq, hp, hot chili, sweet
chili, worcestershire or tomato sauce.

Smoked Salmon & Egg Roll | G | $13
Free range Scramble egg, smoked salmon, shallot, rocket on white roll.

Vege Sumo Burger | G| V | $13.5
Egg, cheese, caramelised onion, grilled tomato,
avocado and hashbrown.

Acai Bowl | G | $13.5
Brazilian Super Berry – Thick acai smoothie topped with banana, strawberry, granola, frozen berries and black chia seed.

Big Breakfast | G | V | $21
Free range eggs (fried, poached or scrambled) bacon, Japanese sausage, mushroom, hash brown, grilled tomato with your choice of toast. Tomato sauce and butter on the side.

Organic Sourdough Fruit Toast | $6.5
With cinnamon honey butter or butter.

Spicey Bacon & Egg Roll | G | $9.5
house made spicey chutney.

House Blend Muesli | $11
With fruit, yoghurt, honey nuts and milk on side.

Eggs on toast | G | V | $10
Free range poached, fried or scramble.

Breaky Wrap | V | $14
Bacon, fried egg, mushroom, baby spinach, cheese.

Gluten free bread – $1
Gluten free roll – $2
Fresh tomato, Baby Spinach, hashbrown, spicy chutney, Free range Egg – $2.5
Mushroom, grilled tomato, Japanese Sausage – $3.5
Smoked salmon, avocado, ham, bacon – $4
Bowl of lotus chips – $6

Gluten free (G) and vegetarian (V) options available as marked
please ask our friendly staff


Hotdogs – Served on a brioche bun with lotus chips

Cafe Dog | $12
Japanese sausage, curried cabbage, Japanese mayo, mustard & tomato sauce.

Gyoza Dog | V | $13.5
Pork or vege gyoza with fresh coleslaw and sweet chili sauce.

Prawn Dog | $13
Fried prawn log with egg, salad and our special sauce.

Ted Roll | $14
House made chicken schnitzel with fresh coleslaw and our special sauce.

Spicy Dog | $14
Japanese sausage, iceburg lettuce, house made spicy chutney, mayo, cherry tomato jalapeno & cheese.

Open Sandwich

Chicken & Avo | G | $15
Chicken tender loins with Japanese mayo, avocado, iceberg lettuce and wholegrain mustard on whole meal organic sourdough.

Smoked Salmon | G | $15
Smoked salmon, caramelized onion, baby spinach,
sour cream & capers on wholemeal organic sourdough

Brushetta | G | $16
Avocado, tomato, fetta Spanish onion and lemon.
Mushroom, rosemary, fetta, rocket and Spanish onion

Burgers – Served with lotus chips

Bear| $14
Beef patty, lettuce, beetroot, our special sauce & mustard.

Bear Delux | $18.5
Beef patty, lettuce, beetroot, bacon, egg, cheese, our special sauce & mustard.

Nemo | $14.5
Crumbed blue whiting fillet, lettuce, house made chunky tartar sauce, pesto and chili hair.

Hugo| $16
House made chicken schnitzel, red cabbage, fresh tomato, roasted capsicum, sprout, red onion and house made avocado tartar sauce.

Open Wraps

Trico Wrap | V | $12
Roasted capsicum, mixed leaf, carrot, sprout, red onion and avocado tartar sauce.

Trico Wrap With Chicken Schnitzel | $16
House made Chicken Schnitzel, roasted capsicum, mixed leaf, carrot, sprout, red onion and avocado tartar sauce.

Teriyaki Wrap | V | $14
Chicken or tofu, mix leaf, egg salad, diced tomato, sprout, Spanish onion & Japanese mayo.

Nemo Wrap| $15
Crumbed blue whiting fillet, iceberg lettuce, carrot, sprouts and house made chunky tartar sauce.


Teriyaki Chicken Pizza| $15
Teriyaki chicken, cabbage, shallot, cheese, Japanese mayo and dried seaweed.
(takes 20 minutes)

Tomoe’s salad | G | $15
Mixed leaf, avocado, cherry tomato, cucumber, edamame beans, carrot, sprout with shredded chicken loins. Choice of sesame or wasabi dressing.

Loco-Moco | V | $16
Rice, lettuce, sprout, edamame beans, fried egg and Japanese mayo. Your choice of teriyaki chicken, teriyaki tofu or teriyaki beef patty.

See Specials.

Gluten free (G) and vegetarian (V) options available as marked
please ask our friendly staff

Kids Menu


Kids Hotdog| $8
Sausage and tomato sauce on a brioche roll.

ask our friendly staff

Pancakes | $11
Served just like our main size only one pancake.

Kids Breaky | $10
Egg (fried or scrambled), bacon on toast.


Babychino| $2
With marshmallow

Kids Hot Chocolate | $3.5
With marshmallow.

Kids Milkshake | $5
With marshmallow & pokky stick.
(comes in T/A cup with lid)


Hot Drinks

Short Black
Small: $3

Dirty Chi
Small: $4.5
Large: $5.5
Extra Large: $6.5

White Hot Chocolate
Small: $4
Large: $5
Extra Large: $6

Bears Hot Chocolate (Belgium Dark)
Large: $6.5

Macchiato, Piccolo
Small: $3.5

Small: $4.5
Large: $5.5
Extra Large: $6.5

Chai Latte, Turmeric Latte
Small: $4
Large: $5
Extra Large: $6

Babycino with Marshmallow
Small: $2

Long Black (single origin)
Small: $3.5
Large: $4.5
Extra Large: $5.5

White Mocha
Small: $4.5
Large: $5.5
Extra Large: $6.5

Green Tea Latte
Large: $5.5

Cappuccino, Flat White, Latte
Small: $4
Large: $5
Extra Large: $6

Hot Chocolate
Small: $4
Large: $5
Extra Large: $6

White Green Tea Latte
Large: $6

Extra shot, decaf coffee – 50¢
Soy, almond, oat, lactose free milk – 50¢
Caramel, hazelnut, vanilla syrup shots 50¢

Loose Leaf Teas

English Breakfast
Regular: $4.5

lemon Grass & Ginger
Regular: $4.5

Rose Grey
Regular: $4.5

Green Tea
Regular: $4.5

Regular: $4.5

Genmaicha tea
Regular: $4.5

Regular: $4.5

Punjabi Chai
Regular: $6

Cold Drinks

Cold Coffee
Small: $4
Large: $5
Extra Large: $6

Cold Green Tea Latte
Large: $6

Iced chocolate
Regular: $6.5

Iced coffee
Regular: $6.5


Coffee Frappuccino
Regular: $7.5

Matcha Frappuccino
Regular: $7.5

Mocha Frappuccino
Regular: $7.5

Chocolate Frappuccino
Regular: $7.5

Chai Frappuccino
Regular: $7.5


Regular: $7.5

Black Sesame
Regular: $7.5

Acai Berry | Dairy Free
Made with acai Berry, banana, chia and apple juice
Regular: $8.5

Choco Banana
Regular: $7.5

Made with edamame
Regular: $8.5

Mixed Berry | Dairy Free
Regular: $7

Made with banana, avocado & spinach
Regular: $8.5

Mango Lassi
Regular: $8

Green Smoothie | Dairy Free
Made with orange, spinach, banana & apple juice
Regular: $8.5


Milkshake: $6.5
Thickshake: $8.5

Milkshake: $6.5
Thickshake: $8.5

Milkshake: $6.5
Thickshake: $8.5

Milkshake: $6.5
Thickshake: $8.5

Milkshake: $6.5
Thickshake: $8.5


Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice
Small: $5.5
Large: $7

Bottle: $5

Bottle: $5

Bottle: $5

Bottle: $5

Bottle: $5

Soft Drinks

Any soft drink for an extra $2

Can: $4
600ml: $5

Can: $4

Diet Coke
Can: $4
600ml: $5

Can: $4

Coke Zero
Can: $4
600ml: $5

Cascade Range
Bottle: $5

Can: $6.5

Bottle: $5


MT Franklin
600ml: $3.5

Sparkling Water Glass bottle
330ml: $5

Sparkling Water Plastic bottle
450ml: $4.5


Coffee is always excellent and the staff are always friendly and welcoming! I’m a regular everyday because of it!

Ash Soper

The best café in Newcastle. Friendliest staff, cozy atmosphere, dog friendly and consistently five star food and coffee.

Patrick Wynne

Business Hours

Mon – Fri: 6:00 am – 2:30 pm
Sat: 7:00 am – 2:00 pm

Contact Us

(02) 4961 1131


43 Denison St
Carrington NSW 2294